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Cabaser is a drug that helps to lower prolactin in the body. Its use does not end with the reduction of this hormone. It is most often used during the treatment of pituitary adenoma or in hyperprolactinemia. In women, it is also used to interrupt lactation processes and in disorders with excessive production of prolactin. Cabaser has cabergoline in its composition, which just works in this way. This drug is very strong and must be taken with great care or under the supervision of a doctor. Already half of one tablet of this drug can reduce prolactin from the maximum amount in the blood to almost 20%.

Application and operation of Cabaser:

Cabser is a drug that lowers prolactin and helps a person with hyperprolactinemia to maintain the appropriate level of prolactin in the norm. The power of the drug is very great. Its maximum concentration in the blood may already be around 2-4 hours after taking the drug. Cabaser counteracts the production of prolactin by the pituitary gland and starts removing it at this time. By taking this drug, we can reduce the amount of this hormone as well as normalize it to the levels that should be in our body. The effect can last up to about 58 – 70 hours after taking the drug. Cabaser both greatly affects the level of libido, ejaculation or sexual attraction, if it was too high before.
Lowering prolactin also improves the comfort of life, because too high prolactin causes malaise, decreased libido, mood swings, lack of libido and even infertility.

Dosage of Cabaser:

Cabaser should be used with great care. It is a very powerful drug to lower prolactin.

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