Clenbuterol 40mcg 100tab

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Name:  Clenbuterol / Clen

Time of active action:  up to 12h
Average doses:  40-80  mcg a day
Purpose:  fat burner, anti-catabolic
Dosing duration:  up to 4 weeks
Properties:  thermogenic – stimulator of beta receptors, blocker of cortisol receptors

Clenbuterol – action

Clenbuterol is a powerful anti-catabolic/thermogenic agent that belongs to the group of beta-2-sympathomimetics. By stimulating beta receptors, it increases the thermogenesis of the body, thanks to which it has excellent fat burning properties. In addition, it stops the destructive effect of cortisol / cortisone on muscle tissue and increases protein synthesis, which results in a strong anti-catabolic effect even during calorie reduction. In combination with steroids, it works synergistically. It is often used in reduction cycles together with testosterone propionate and winstrol. Some people may experience gains in lean body mass and strength when using clenbuterol, especially when combined with creatine. As it saturates the receptors quite quickly, it should be taken cyclically – two weeks of use and a two-week break. Doses should start at 40mcg in the first few days and then gradually increase until you reach 80mcg. During the break, you can use ephedrine (4x25mg) with caffeine (4x200mg), whose effect is similar, but they do not saturate the receptors so strongly. It is possible to use it for a longer time, however, only when ketotifen, which sensitizes adrenergic receptors, is added to the treatment.

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