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Insulin + rhGH + T3 – typical stack and risk of hypoglycemia

Insulin is the agent associated with the mass deaths of bodybuilders in the 1990s and later. Firstly, because severe hypoglycemia is a life-threatening condition, and secondly, because rhGH treatment is accompanied by insulin, thyroid hormones and high doses of SAA. Examples of people giving up to 24 IU of rhGH per day, several grams of SAA per week, T3 – 100 mcg per day and 10 IU of insulin per day are cited.  Its use may cause severe, systemic complications. Too low blood sugar leads to death! Needless to say, the blood glucose level after administration of fast-acting insulin (Apidra, Humalog, NovoRapid) drops after a maximum of several minutes!

Specifically, fast-acting insulin analogs:

  • Apidra – onset of action from injection 5-15 minutes, peak 1-2 hours,
  • Humalog – onset of action from injection ~15 minutes, peak 40 minutes – 1 hour,
  • NovoRapid – onset of action from injection 10-20 minutes, peak 1-3 hours.
    • rhGH  – dose selected individually, professionals even up to 20-24 IU a day,
    • T3-  dose selected individually,
    • SAA  – dose selected individually, professionals up to several grams a week,
    • glucose, dextrose or meal –  selected according to the type and dose of insulin.

    Common Insulin Side Effects:

    • hypoglycemia, the most common symptoms are sweating, trembling hands, palpitations, hunger, weakness and anxiety [3],  more severe cases of hypoglycemia even lead to loss of consciousness, coma and death!
    • allergic reactions at the injection site and systemic,
    • drug interactions,
    • disorders of glucose homeostasis.

    The website administrator considers the phenomenon of doping and the use of prohibited substances in sport, as well as against medical recommendations, to be extremely reprehensible, dishonest and immoral. Any information contained in doping and pharmacology articles may not be considered or used as instruction. The content of the articles presents only the collected information on the above topic. The use of doping carries the risk of health loss and in many cases even loss of life.

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