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The IMPERIAL growth hormone is not only an improvement in the composition and quality of the figure, but also the improvement of regeneration, sleep quality and the improvement of the condition of our body.

The advantages of using IMPERIAL HGH:
– causes an increase in muscle mass
– supports better fat burning
– improves body regeneration
– improves sleep quality
– gives increased energy during the day –
strengthens our immunity
– improves the quality of hair, skin and nails

In order to increase regeneration – 1-2 iu a day.
In order to improve body composition, 3-5 iu a day.

The package contains 10 ampoules, each containing 10 units of Growth Hormone. Before being released to the market, HGH has undergone many tests confirming its properties and the lack of undesirable side effects. Our growth hormone is in the form of a dry powder that must be dissolved in water for injection before injection. This form of growth hormone is not susceptible to external conditions, and thus, before dissolution, bacteria will not develop in it.

§ Preparations administered by subcutaneous or intravenous injection may be marketed only in the form of a medicine or a medical device. Preparations under clinical trials or that are not drugs cannot be distributed, sold and advertised as substances for human use, therefore the products on our store’s website are intended only for research purposes. Legally, Pakaodzwierzak does not recommend or encourage the use of its products on humans or animals. The product is sold as a substance for analytical research

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